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Laxicon services offers a range of expertise and resources for businesses looking to build a secure technology platform. We specialize in ERP, CRM, POS, Web development, Mobile App Development & Custom App Development, and offer 100+ readymade solutions. Our goal is to help businesses automate their processes and increase productivity and efficiency.

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Businesses have their own unique workflows. The uniqueness of your business makes it difficult to find a solution. It is more important to find the right solution at the right time to run your business smoothly.

Odoo Customization

We are a well-known Odoo solutions provider company with over 7+ years of experience, offering a wide range of services and customizing ERP add-ons for small, medium, and large businesses.

Odoo Support

We provide preventative technical and functional support to clients, keeping an eye on their problems and taking care of their technical needs. We provide customizing, bug fixing, functional support, and more.

Odoo Migration

Odoo releases new versions every year, making it difficult to update existing versions due to a large amount of data, apps, and custom apps. We provide migration processes for databases and custom apps to help with this.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo implementation is a process to automate a business and prevent human errors. It involves consulting, ideation, planning, design and development, testing and QA, deployment on the cloud and training.

Odoo Readymade Solution

We provide 100+ ready-made solutions for business requirements, such as food delivery, visitor management, grocery or e-commerce. With our easy-to-use and efficient apps, you can streamline the business process.

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Our service enables businesses to optimize their operations and achieve greater growth and profitability.

We provide services such as ERP, CRM, POS, Web Development, Mobile App Development & Custom App Development, as well as Odoo services like Implementation, Migration, Customization, Training & Support. We provide the expertise and resources needed to design, develop and manage a highly available and secure technology platform.