Odoo Implementation

The implementation of Odoo ERP system facilitates the optimization of business processes, leading to the attainment of efficient and effective solutions.

Let's Take A Look At How Integrating An ERP System Can Benefit Your Business

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is the process of automating business processes and preventing human errors. It helps to automate business-core tasks and organize multi-departmental workflows, and its features have contributed to its popularity. ERP provides a fully integrated, integrated stage through which to analyze information-driven assignments.

Benefits Of Work With ERP

ERP system offers comprehensive solutions for managing
and automating business operations.

Enhance The Agility And Efficiency Of Your Business

Better Customer Experience/Service

Co-Operation Between Departments

Having Data Reliability

Provide a Mobility System To Access Data

Accurate Planning

Agile Business Analysis

Information On Integrated Systems

Help To Increase Productivity

Achieving Accurate Forecasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service enables businesses to optimize their operations and achieve greater growth and profitability.

Softhealer provides consultancy for existing ERP users and new ERP users, analyzing their configuration and providing solutions to improve scalability and optimize business flow. We also provide suggestions and guidance to set up ERP.

Our agile team will dissect your idea and business-core flow, install the software in a test environment, configure the system to match the process workflow, and plan the customisation part. We will also provide a valuable perspective into the changes for your daily operations.

Our team will familiarize with the requirements before development starts, identifying which parts need configuration and customization. If using on-premises, our team will guide you to install necessary software and hardware.

Quality analysis is a major part of ERP implementation, as customer satisfaction is directly linked to quality assurance. This process is concurrent with the development process and is essential for successful ERP implementation.

Cloud ERP is software and tools hosted and managed offsite in the cloud by your vendor, allowing you to focus on business outcomes instead of technology. It can help you shift your focus to business outcomes.

Our experts provide training to users of Odoo, dividing it into 5 segments: Sales & CRM, Inventory, Purchase, Administration, and Human Resource. In the first session, we train the sales team and give them insight into the functionalities of CRM and sales modules. In the second session, we train the warehouse team, and so on.