Odoo ERP Migration

Odoo ERP Migration

Migrating your old database to new upgraded Odoo ERP versions helps you with the availability of the latest updates in the Odoo market. … With the help of Odoo partners, you can easily migrate your customized Odoo modules along with the up-gradation.

Version Migration

Implement the upgraded features of Odoo in your business work system by experiencing our Odoo version migration services. In odoo there will be a script to migrate the default module and data from one version to another version.

Module migration

Module migration (also known as Code migration) is a vital process of custom module making that can be the perfect fit for your current as well as the latest Odoo Version.

Database Migration

If you want to migrate from the current Odoo version to the latest one or the upgraded one then you need to migrate your current database to the selected version.

Migration in Odoo is the terminology used for the up-gradation of the platform i.e as Odoo is management software which releases new updates and versions frequently the users need to update their existing versions to the new ones available. Furthermore, this migration will bring in the new features and the advancements of the Odoo platform with the existing company operations in a business. There are two aspects to be kept in mind while the migration takes place, Firstly, the data available, the users need their existing reports, customer and vendor details, payment documents and financial data and many more to be accessible from the new platform. Secondly, the application and specific add on which run the company should be accessible for the users in the new version with the existing functionality and add new features.

Considering the vitality of these aspects and the need for them in the new version the Odoo migration should be done with the utmost care and by a resourceful person or team. It’s always better for the user of the platform to seek the help of Odoo partners for the Odoo related aspects of their company, the same as in the case of Odoo migration. These partners are well trained, certified, and well equipped with resources to help you with the migration process. Laxicon Solution, the leading gold partner of Odoo is one among the best. With a skillful workforce of talented developers, design team, and consultants and 10+ years of experience in the field under the sleeves Laxicon is an apt solution for your Odoo migration.