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We have been developing serious web solutions since 2015. Our team, work, clients, services, vision and mission – they all speak about Laxicon values. Our commitment to doing what we love, and doing it well, is the driving force behind our growth and attracts world-class talent and clients.

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Laxicon enables businesses to be future ready by reimagining and rebuilding platforms and applications that redefine the way they do business.

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Laxicon Operations helps businesses run their digital assets and applications smoothly. We improve efficiencies by redefining processes and identifying areas of improvement


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Odoo ERP Integrations

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) development is the process of creating customized software solutions that integrate different business functions, such as finance,

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Odoo ERP Migration

Migrating your old database to new upgraded Odoo ERP versions helps you with the availability of the latest updates in the

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Odoo ERP Solution

ERP is usually referred to as a category of business management software — typically a suite of integrated applications—that an organization

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More than 8+ years we provide IT solutions

Odoo ERP Support and maintenance is an essential service provided by Laxicon Solution. Our team comprising both functional consultants and technical support caters to all range of problems you ask for. We help you to identify different kinds of technical issues which you face in your company and guide them with proper solutions. Our experienced and technically qualified team provides numerous supports via customizing, documenting, bug fixing, training, and other allied supports. We provide numerous services to users in Odoo.

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ERP Solution

Odoo ERP Software provides features such as Purchase, Sales, Accounting, Manufacturing, HR, CRM, Project, POS, and more.

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Database Analysis

Database analysis is the process of examining and evaluating data stored in a database to derive insights, identify patterns, and make informed decisions. It involves using various techniques and tools to extract meaningful information from large volumes of data and present it in a format that is easily understandable and actionable.

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Server Security

Server security is the process of protecting a computer server from unauthorized access, attack, and other potential security risks. This is important because servers often contain sensitive data, such as personal information or intellectual property, and are a critical component of many organizations' information technology infrastructure.

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Monthly Web Development To Update React Hooks

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Exploring Latest Web Design Together With Theme

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